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My Entrepreneurial Path with Duds Because

Posted by Ashley -- Founder & President​ on

While working as a District Sales Manager in my thirteenth year of sales in Corporate America, I was really beginning to feel the mommy guilt for everything. The guilt applied to the obvious parental trouble spots such as not having enough time with my kids or leaving them with a babysitter as my husband and I traveled for work. The lurking, yet not so obvious mommy guilt pains were just as troublesome. For example, I would often see other kids dressed in trendy, unique pieces or in designer brands not found in my own wardrobe, much less my child’s! I was so short on time my personal shopping efforts consisted of mad dash Target sprees for all of us. Not to mention, I was not willing to spend that kind of money on something to be worn two, maybe three times. Snapping back into reality, I would remind myself I didn’t have the time or energy to haul their clothes to a consignment store and I wasn’t going to watch expensive clothes pile up.

Then one day the wheels started turning. I thought, there has to be a better way for busy parents to get a deal on awesome, designer brands and/or make a little money back on the great clothes they have piling up at home. Could this be done without stepping foot in a store?

YES! Yes it can!

With my new concept (and a lot of market research and business strategy), I hung up my corporate America cloak and set out to launch Duds Because- -a unique platform for parents to save and earn money by purchasing and selling like-new kids clothing from the comfort of home.

Fast forward to this August as Duds Because celebrated its one year mark (Woohoo!). I was more determined than ever to further simplify life for crazy busy moms. They deserve a ‘WOW’ factor when shopping for their kids. I thought, why not offer the most modern shopping experience by merging retail AND resale into one site? We shook things up and relaunched. Now, moms can shop NEW fashion forward mompreneur brands, organic clothing lines and trendy accessories in our retail section. Or, continue to get a great deal on high end resale items just like before. Enjoy all of this through one site, one shopping cart and one checkout!

Last but certainly not least, it was important to me to create a vehicle for giving back. This is why Duds is committed to donating a portion of profit to the children’s programs with Feeding America. By virtue of doing business with Duds, you give back!

My wish is for Duds Because to be a place where families can find a great deal, get excited about their purchases and feel satisfaction by earning money back on their items. Enjoy the experience! We would be lucky to have you.

Ashley Moyer is the mother of three kiddos-Charlie (8), Sloan (5) and Beau (9 months). She was born in Missouri, grew up in Kansas and South Dakota and attended high school in Wahoo, Nebraska. Ashley earned her BS in Business Management at the University of Missouri-Columbia and bleeds black and gold to this day! Shortly after college she moved to Nashville, TN where she and her husband were married and enjoyed everything the city had to offer a young, energetic couple. Today, Ashley’s family spends summer weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks and cheers loudly at Mizzou games in the fall. When not running a business or running after the kids, she enjoys actual running, happy hour with friends and travel to fun US cities and abroad.

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