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​Introducing Our Retail Brands…So Far!

Posted by Ashley -- Founder & President​ on

What a *~*wild, crazy, fun*~* couple of weeks it has been since we launched our retail shop on the site! I’ve never been so inspired by the hundreds of mompreneur brands and gorgeous organic lines on the market today. For those who don’t know, we hit our one year mark in August and celebrated with a relaunch offering a dual shopping platform where RETAIL meets RESALE! Now, you can shop fashion forward mompreneur brands, organic clothing lines and trendy accessories in our retail store. Or, you can continue to get a great deal on high end resale items in the Duds Because boutique. One website. One shopping cart. One checkout.

So check it out!

Our goal is to find one-of-a-kind pieces you’ve only dreamt of for your child. Whether you desire the trendiest of trends or a soft and safe 100% organic cotton number, we’ve got you covered. As we shop for brands who are just the right fit, we are like moths to a flame to the ladies who use their business success a vehicle for giving back. Wait until you learn about their missions!

Ok. It’s time acquaint you with our new found loves! Below is why they do what they do and why we brought them together for you in our store at Duds Because.

Happy Halloween!


Kinderkind Kids

What They Offer: Matching Boys & Girls Sets, Unisex Clothing, Fashion Forward Trends

Kinderkind's identity is rooted in kindness between brothers and sisters, the kindness between a parent and child, the kindness between family and the kindness between friends. We are a second generation family business with deep roots in quality children's clothing manufacturing. As a factory entering the world of children's brand development, we want to make sure our products clearly reflect our value of kindness and quality. Our goal is to spread kindness through fashion by pushing the boundaries of toddler fashion, whether it is matching boys and girls sets, unisex clothing, or imaginative fashions at an affordable price. We do not think it is kind at all to develop watered-down products for our customers or charge an arm and a leg for quality products. We hope our fashions are attainable, inclusive and create joy, imagination and memories with our precious tots and their families.

Cat & Dogma

What They Offer: 100% G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton Knits

With prosperity for the planet and humankind as our mission, we have searched the globe for the best quality organic cotton at a fair price. From the planting of the seed through cultivation, ginning, spinning, weaving, and sewing, we care for the well-being of the factory workers and the farmers who grow our organic cotton. Our entire supply chain is certified by GOTS to ensure organic cotton provides a fair livelihood for over 1000 people. Organic farming provides for the sustainability of the environment, and caring for the global community.

As parents we have an unmeasurable amount of compassion for children and their ongoing well-being. We give back by donating proceeds from our online sales to the Children’s Home Orphanage in Umbergaon, Gujarat, India. Our monthly donation helps provide 35 children with proper nutrition, clean water and shelter.

Our products are also designed to nurture your baby. With our fabrics and playful prints, we avoid chemical bleaches, dyes and finishes. Our pieces are sustainable from farm to store. They are soft, safe… And one less thing parents have to worry about.

Our mission is to provide a product that not only lives up to our ethical standards but is also durable, comfortable and affordable. All of our pieces are mindfully designed with extra room in the bottom, for those eco minded families using reusable cloth diapers. There is no need to upsize because Cat & Dogma fits better. Whether parents opt for cloth or disposable diapers, our brand message is something everyone can get behind.

Finn + Emma

What They Offer: 100% G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton Knits, Handmade Knit Rattlers & Wooden Toys

Where we live in the balance of stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Here boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant.

Sustainability is bountiful too. You grew your little one organically, so why add chemicals now? Only the finest 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dyes, and all natural wood will do for your little munchkin, and we’ve got plenty. And on top of that, our garments and accessories are produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, women especially, working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment.

We love style as much as we love sustainability, and in the land of Finn + Emma, there’s no reason to choose between the two. Please join us on our quest to live happily and organically ever after.

Bailey’s Blossoms

What They Offer: Fashionable baby & toddler clothes, coordinating shoes & accessories

Every mom dreams of a sweet daughter, a little girl who will grow up to someday be her best friend. To dress her up, make her laugh, and spoil her rotten (then teach her to be kind, grateful and full of love and respect!).

Bailey was that daughter for me. Except she was born with her daddy's hair - 2 cowlicks taking front and center stage, and another 3 working mischief in the back. What was an inexperienced mom to do to try and save this sweet girl the unfortunate occurrence of being mistaken for a wild child, ragged and unkempt, or worse yet, a BOY?! FLOWERS! HAIR ACCESSORIES! THE WORKS!! Once started it became an obsession that couldn't be stopped!

"Bailey's Blossoms" launched in 2009 and was strictly hair accessories at first. Shortly after came the tutus, tutu costumes and birthday sets. Now, 5 more kids later, (4 of which are boys!), we've added superhero capes, and other daddy-approved accessories and clothing for your little man, while ever expanding our girls line of clothing, shoes, and other fabulous accessories!

In 2016, with the amazing support of all of YOU!, we have been able to add 7 fabulous new members to our team to make sure you continue to get high quality items at unbeatable prices, with lightening FAST service and shipping too! :) Thanks for growing with us and letting us have part your your sweet darlings' "blossoming years"! ;)

Doodle Pants

What They Offer: Cotton knit, cartoon like leggings, hoodies & diaper covers

You can laugh or you can cry.

I love being a mom. Really I do … well, most of the time. Then there are those days when you’re so sleep-deprived you can’t remember the name for “spatula” because your baby wakes up raring to go at 4 a.m.

You can cry or you can laugh. But it’s a lot easier to do the latter when the object of your ultimate-joy/crushing-despair has a skateboarding dinosaur on his or her little butt. Or as my mother used to say to me, “It’s a good thing you’re cute.”

And we like to think our Standard of Cute is pretty sky-high here. But we wanted to do more than design clothes that get your baby noticed in a crowded grocery store. We wanted to design clothes that would make your life easier, too: Leggings cut to fit over cloth diapers, shirts minus that scratchy tag babies hate, super cozy hooded bath towels, and bodysuits with easy on/off snaps.

‘Cause here’s the thing: Soon enough they won’t let you dress them, but right now you have all the power. Why not amuse yourself a little?

The Copper Pearl

What They Offer: Swaddles, bandana bibs, birp cloths, multi-use covers

Copper Pearl was originally created with the idea and hope to create a line of premium, trendy, and unique baby accessories and clothing. Each product that is sold goes through a rigorous design process to ensure that the designs chosen are both highly functional and fashionable. Stephanie has always had a knack for entrepreneurship; she started several neighborhood businesses as a child and always dreamed of starting her own "grown-up" business one day. Kristin has a degree in clothing construction and has always had a goal to start her own clothing line or fashion business. Kristin and Stephanie are passionate about the design of each product and hope to bring you one-of-a-kind baby products that you love to use!

At Copper Pearl, we strive to make our customers as happy as possible. Please let us know how we’re doing, as we are always trying to improve and create designs and products that can’t be found anywhere else. Happy shopping!