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The School Year Is Upon Us

Posted by Ashley -- Founder & President​ on

Summer is over and the kids have all gone back to school. It goes by in the blink of an eye with swim lessons, summer vacations, summer camps and more. Then we get to the last few days when the school year draws near and time seems to slow way down. The kids act extra crazy and the summer programs close their doors to regroup for the school year. You’ve run out of activities to keep them busy and cannot possibly tell them one more time to leave their new school supplies ALONE! And everyone wonders why moms and dads are so joyous for the first day of school! Well, friends…we’ve arrived and that’s all that matters!

This morning on TV I heard a mom say, “I know many moms treat the first day of school like New Year’s Day and come up with resolutions for the school year”. This thought had never occurred to me but I can see how it would be applicable for those who make amazing school lunches, prep creative after school snacks or commit to being super organized for the extra-curricular activities. I must say, I LOVE the idea!

Of course, my next thought was, what about children’s gently used clothes? Doesn’t it make total sense to weed out their closets and freshen the wardrobe for the exciting year ahead? As an added bonus, they won’t even notice some of their favorite (yet too small) pieces have left the building because they are so distracted with their new teacher and friends. Once you’ve created some space, why not add some designer jeans, dresses or sweaters to the mix all while saving a fortune?

As the owner of a business by which we offer the convenience of selling used children’s clothes online, I’m a big fan of this notion! As a mom, I love the idea of taking advantage of second hand clothes for sale, enhancing and upgrading what my kids wear and knowing their closets are ready to go for the fall season. The holidays sneak up on me and this is when the clothes REALLY start rolling in.

Let’s hear it for New School Year resolutions!!! Wishing you and your littles a fabulous school year ahead.



Founder & President